Want me to attend an event near you?
I pride myself in being easy to work with and very dedicated to leave everyone happier than when they came to the event!
I'm available for appearence, panels and workshops, competition judging and other activities! I have a background in hosting, live streaming and performance and have gotten to work with a lot of companies for their releases with commissions and entertainment. Please fill in the form below or e-mail
Do you want to bring a character to life? 
If you have an upcoming game or event where you'd like to see your character become reality I'm free for collaborations and commissions. Send me a message with as much details as possible and we can discuss the details!
After my many years of experience I can happily say that I have reached a point where I can give back and share with other cosplayers and those new to the craft. I would be more than happy to hold workshops or panels at your event. 

Examples of my most popular panels: 
- Cosplay 101: What is cosplay and where do you start?
- Makeup & Wigs 101: Starting with wigs and makeup
- Competing with cosplay: A guide for beginners and veterans
- Wig workshop - Beginner & Advanced levels
- SFX makeup - Workshop with examples of how you can start with special effects

With many international competitions under my belt I love watching cosplayers compete! It's important to me to be encouraging and fair and always offer the contestnats a chance to get feedback after an event and to feel comfortable during the competition. We want to encourage everyone to keep being creative!

Please get in touch via the form below
Ciri photo by
Akali photo by Jacob.Cr2 photo by Azur_Seven
Thank you!I will get it touch with you as soon as possible!
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