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When will product X come back in stock?

Due to the size of the business we try to have a very set amount of pieces in store to allow for storage. Depending on other arrangements, such as bulk orders or commissions, it can take up to a month before a product gets restocked. All pieces are hand made and we do not take pre-orders at this time but feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions. You can also keep a look out at our Instagram for updates on restocks.

What payment options do you have?
How long does it take for you to ship the order?

It will take us between 1-7 working days to ship your order if not noted differently on the description page.

Why do you only sell silicone prosthetics?

At the moment we focus on silicone due to several reasons. First off the products are handmade in a small private space and latex comes with a different work technique that limits the work flow we have set.

Latex is less expensive but is higher risk for allergies, discolouration and drying up after a longer time.

Silicone is what is preferred for theatre and film work which is where the business owner work outside of the store front.
The colour schemes we want to offer and the realism works better, in our experience, with silicone and silicone will often last you a longer time than other materials as well as being easy to use.

The product in my cart disappeared!

If you got timed out your cart is not saved, but someone else might have also bought the item already and it is now sold out. Unfortunately we are not able to hold items for sale.

I have issues with my shipping/tracking/delivery

Please read our Shipping & Refunds page and if you still don’t have an answer contact us at shoptkfx.se@gmail.com

I’m a first time user, what do I need to know?

We offer videos on how to apply the prosthetics and ears here

What you will need to wear your prosthetic is a silicone friendly skin glue, a pigment if you want to colour it and a remover for the glue you have used. If you are a beginner and only using the prosthetics for theatre or a cosplay character you DO NOT need to order your prosthetic with cap plastic.

How should I store my product?

For a better product life time you should store your prosthetic in a container in cool to room temperature, keep out of direct sunlight and keep it dry. Make sure to always remove any glue or residue carefully from the product and powder the underside with f.e. baby powder when it’s completely dry before storage so that the ends don’t curl or stick to each other. The container should have a lid so that dust don’t get stuck onto the silicone and if you store several products in the same container make sure to put down a divider between them so that they don’t stick together. You can of course also use a plastic bag as long as it can be properly sealed.

The softer the silicone is (flatmoulds are usually softer than ears so that they can follow the curve and movement of your body) the “stickier” they get which heightens the risk of dust and dirt getting stuck to them and having to be cleaned.

What is cap plastic?

Cap plastic is a thin translucent film that is acetone or alcohol based that will make sure that your prosthetic seamlessly “melts” into your skin. This is for professional use and close up filming/photography but usually not needed for theatre or cosplay. With cap plastic the prosthetic is not guaranteed for more than one time use.

How many times can i use the prosthetic?
If you order ears or prosthetic silicone only, no cap plastic, it can be used several times if handled with care. The ears are thicker and will hold up for “rougher” handling but the flatmoulds are thin and needs to be removed carefully and need to be cleaned and stored in a container to hold up for many usages.

As long as the product is handled with care and stored correctly the ears can be used many times up to several years depending on how frequently you use them. Flatmoulds have a shorter life span just because of how thin they are to be more realistic. But if handled correctly you should still be able to use them between 4-10 times.

NOTE CAP PLASTIC: If you order it with cap plastic it is not recommended for more than a one time use. We assume that the person buying this have knowledge about cap plastic.
You can see the differences of with and without cap plastic in our videos here

How many skin tones do you offer?

At the moment we offer 5 different skin tones:
Pink – light shade with pink undertones. Fitting for pale skin that easily flares/turns red
Pale – light shade with a neutral undertone
Tan – medium shade with a neutral undertone
Deep – dark shade with a neutral undertone
Dark – our darkest shade with a neutral undertone

For those who would like to test out the shade before buying we estimate that the shades we offer are close to the following shades from MAC cosmetics/Fenty:

You can find images on our listings. Please note that since the products are hand made in smaller batches small differences in shade might occur and that shades might look different on a computer screen than in real life.

I ordered multiple prosthetics in the same colour option but they are different?

There might be a small difference in the colour of the products since they are handmade and depending on which batch you received the mixture of the silicone might have been a little different. We strive to be as precise as possible but we are still only one person hand making the orders in a private space. Thank you for understanding!

How do I paint my prosthetics?

You can find some tips on how to paint your prosthetic here

Do you offer swatches?

No we do not, we guide you to our recommended foundation shades under “How many skin tones do you offer”

What is the measurement of your prosthetics?

All measurements are mentioned on the description page, we do not offer custom made sizes unless you order a commission. This is because any differences in sizes requires us to make a new sculpt, mould and test pour into that mould before being able to send it out to it’s buyer and is therefore reserved for those who want to spend extra for a more custom made piece.